Time Off From The Hamster Wheel

Time Off From The Hamster Wheel

Do you feel like your work-life is a like the hamster madly running on a wheel sometimes? Need some time off for R&R (rest and recreation)? 


Recently I had the great fortune to meet and spend a few hours coaching the most wonderful of our species – the local, independent travel agent!

Within a few minutes of speaking with her, my mind was transported to far away shores, to glistening sand and a fortnight of reading, relaxing and healthy eating. Within the hour I knew there was only one course of action to take – So in a week, to California I fly, on a trip to visit my fabulous cousin in Los Angeles!

Why do I tell you this? Well, I have to admit that, contrary to what I ask my clients to do, I actually haven’t taken more than a few days off here and there for over 2 years. After 6 years of self employment, I still feel guilty for taking a well earned day off – and I know that 99% of business owners reading this feel exactly the same way, because you tell me you do!



Now, I’m one of the fortunate people who gets to do something that I love every single day – coaching clients and watching them achieve things they never thought possible is an absolute pleasure and never ever a chore. That’s me and my team above, being goofy and living everyday to the max. But no matter how much we may love what we do, we all need some time off the hamster wheel to think, plan, reconnect with loved ones and grow both professionally and personally. We need to test how well our businesses can cope without us overseeing them, in our quest to build businesses that give us the flexibility and freedom we dream of when we start them.

In a recent study by Post Office Travel Insurance (2016),  a psychologist has revealed that today’s increasing working hours and work loads should also mean more breaks for the workers to refresh themselves.

The study estimated Brits now require six holidays a year, for example: a break every 62 days, to stay focused and avoid excessive stress burnout.

People who wait more than two months between holidays are more likely to become stressed, angry and sick, the study found.

“Workers really should take a break every few months otherwise they will burn out, which is bad for them and their employer,” said Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University.

“People who fail to go on holiday are more likely to become anxious, aggressive and withdrawn. They may also develop aches and pains and struggle to sleep. Over-working depresses your immune system, making it more likely you will catch a cold or the flu.”


“I believe deeply that if you have a really great vision for your business and your future, the right people will engage with you, buy from you, want to work for you or invest in you.” Cassandra Bodington

What are the people and experiences you are working for and are they a part of your business plans now? Don’ wait for 6 years like I did for a well deserved break! Crack open a travel magazine and start setting your R&R goals now! Actioncoach Wales team can help you reach your goals (but we don’t provide the sunscreen).

I will be back to business soon, feeling refreshed and ready to take on my mission once more.

Action: – block out a week in your calendar now and start planning your R&R. You really deserve it and not taking holidays can be quite detrimental to your health! 

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