The Tail Wags The Dog

The Tail Wags The Dog

The more I speak to business owners the more I’m struck by the fact that most of them have lost their way. They started a business because they had a dream of a life of financial or time freedom, of being a master of their own destiny. No more a slave to the corporate world, like riding a Harley across the plains without a helmet, long hair streaming in the wind.

Several years in and the reality tends to be very different, business owners are buried in paperwork or still “on the tools”.  Tired and stressed they wonder what went wrong, those dreams slipping further and further away. But why has this happened?


There’s two main reasons:-


  1. They’ve forgotten the WHY. Mostly focused on the very short term business goals they have forgotten their personal goals. To create an extraordinary life one must plan what is ideal and then devise a plan to get it. There’s no point in aiming for a life 10% better than the one we already have. If our desire is for mansions, yachts and sports cars, will we need to take actions different from someone who actually wants free time with their family and pets? Of course! We need to design our businesses in order to serve our life’s desires. How many of you good readers have a life dictated to by your business?


  1. They’re working IN their businesses. Business owners can become so consumed by doing the thing that the business sells, e.g.. Plumbing, cutting hair that they forget that a business owner needs to plan ahead, to guide the business where it needs to go. To control the marketing or recruitment strategies for the business. Instead they work harder to bring the business forward, totally unaware that it is them who is holding it back. The glass ceiling for any business is always the knowledge, skills and mindset of the owner.

So do you feel like your business runs your life, rather than having an extraordinary life supported by your business? Does the tail wag the dog?

If so then you need to address these two issues. Revisit your life plans and adjust your business plans accordingly, and then get out of the trenches and look around at your business….you’re the captain, not the engine.

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