Do ONE Thing Differently

Do ONE Thing Differently

What is the ONE Thing that you should be doing right now?

It’s pretty common for a busy entrepreneur to have an entire day slip by, and at the end of it, feel that they’ve achieved nothing other than tread water.

Have you ever had a day like that?  Have you ever had a whole week or month like that? Regardless of the timeframe, feels pretty lousy doesn’t it? You’ve worked your tail off and are no further forwards than when you started.


How do you know what you should be doing in your business and life other than what you are doing right now?


Let’s take finances for instance – have a look at your sales, profits or bank account. Are they better than last month? Last quarter? Last year? If not, why not?

What about your work/life balance? Are you able to work less, or take more time off than last year?

What about your team – are they improving and becoming better at serving your customers without you needing to breath down their necks?

If you didn’t like your answers to those questions, it’s a sign that you should be re-evaluating how you invest your time.


Here’s a 3 step process that you can use to get what you want.

1 – Figure out what you actually want – and WHY you want it. Then decide that you’ll make it happen no matter what.

2 – Now that you’ve determined your goal, and are clear that it is yours for the taking, decide on what action will get you closer to achieving your goal THIS WEEK. Just one small thing. Don’t focus on the whole mountain, just the next few steps along the path. This will stop you getting overwhelmed.


3 – Commit the time to taking those first steps. Give yourself a time block at least three times as long as you think you need to get it done. Then, do not let anything else get in the way of your time block. If a competing priority comes up, ask yourself ‘Is doing this task going to get me closer to my goal than the action I’ve already set time aside to complete?’ If not, DO NOT do it.


The only thing that will change our outcomes over time is the thoughts we have, leading to the decisions we make which lead to the actions we take, which create our results. Unless you want next year to be a photocopy of this year, start doing something different. Just one thing differently. And see how even one small thing gets you closer to your goal.


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